Are you a lover of nature? Why not explore and try Namekagon River activities this season? You can bring your loved ones along for an exciting experience. Whether it is your young family with the little kids, your group of friends, or your spouse, there is something fun for everyone when you choose to lodge at the Heartwood Resort.

The Namekagon River, a tributary of the St. Croix River, winds through a primarily forested and remote Wisconsin terrain for 100 kilometers. It flows around many small islands, with tight winding turns and interwoven portions.

The Namekagon River is perfect for many fun outdoor activities. Keep reading to learn more.

Five Namekagon River Activities to Try on Your Next Vacation

A man smiling and floating on an inner tube. Tubing is one of many fun Namekagon River activities your family can do.
You can never run out of adventurous and fun activities at the all-natural Namekagon River. Treat yourself to vacation nearby while staying at Heartwood Resort and enjoying tubing, fishing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, biking, hiking, and more.

1. Tubing

One of the best river activities to further brighten a sunny day is tubing. Float down the river slowly and leisurely while enjoying the company of family or friends. Delight in the beauties of the natural world around you, and sink into total relaxation!

River tubing is a Namekagon River activity that almost everyone can do because it requires no specific expertise. You only need to find a comfortable location on the inner tube and drift along the river currents. However, knowing how to swim is recommended if something goes wrong while floating down the stream.

Get your favorite swimsuit and prepare for a relaxing day on the river. Heartwood Resort provides a shuttle service to the Namekagon River.

Therefore, there’s no need to be concerned about transportation. Bring your drinks, snacks, and even music to add fun to the floating activity.

2. Fishing

The Namekagon River is filled with fish, making it a great adventure destination for any fishing lover. The fish can be easy or tough to catch, so everyone has something. If you need to do some kid-friendly shore fishing with your little ones, you can try catching some rock bass, bluegills, or crappies.

Other common fish species you are likely to catch in the river include:

  • Common carp
  • Buffalo fish
  • White bass
  • Freshwater drum
  • Longear sunfish

3. Swimming

You can take a swim in the refreshing waters of the river but be sure to take the necessary precautions. Swimming in the river is not the same as in a swimming pool; it could be more dangerous than adventurous if safety measures are not followed. Consider these tips for a safe, enjoyable swim on the Namekagon River.

  • Always wear floatation gear such as life jackets
  • Do not go swimming in the river alone
  • Learn basic lifesaving skills
  • Beware of the currents, both strong and undercurrent
  • Leave behind details of your whereabouts

4. Canoeing and Kayaking

The Namekagon River offers a variety of canoeing and kayaking opportunities for water enthusiasts. It has different spots with varying degrees of difficulty, which makes it a wonderful riverway to boat.

The fast-moving water, occasionally reaching Class II, seen in the course of Namekagon, adds thrills to the canoeing and kayaking experience. The Lower Namekagon is significantly simpler for beginners because of the wide expanses and calmer waters.

5. Hiking and Biking

Take your time to take in the clean air, watch the wildlife, and perhaps snap a few photos of the gorgeous natural surroundings of the river as you take a walk along the nature trails. Choose to stay close to paths that help you feel connected to nature like never before.

Whether your preference is hiking or mountain biking, you can conveniently enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the Namekagon River near Heartwood Resort. You can always get a map to help you with the directions as you explore.

Experience the Fullness of Namekagon River Activities When You Stay in Trego, WI

The Namekagon River near Trego, Wisconsin with a bright blue, cloudy sky.
Book a stay at Heartwood Resort to spend time on the Namekagon River. There are various accommodation options for you, large enough for families and cozy enough for couples. Check out the lakeside cottages,  lodge rooms, and duplex cabins to determine which lodging option suits you best. Contact us today for more information.