Molly Hatchet

Heartwood Resort & Conference Center

N10884 Hoinville Rd

Trego, WI 54888


Journey To Heartwood ATV/UTV & Music Festival presents Southern Rock Superstars – MOLLY HATCHET – In Place of The Marshall Tucker Band

Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Marshall Tucker Band is unable to perform on September 2. Molly Hatchet – Southern Rock Super Stars will be playing in their place.

“We’re looking forward to rockin’ it out with Molly Hatchet Saturday night and wish all the best to The Marshall Tucker Band,” states Heartwood Resort Owner, Mark Wallskog.

Molly Hatchet rose to fame in the late 70’s with hits like Flirtin’ with Disater. Their music is a mixture of blues, country, gospel, and English invasion of rock and roll that we all know and love as classic “Southern Rock.” Named after a famous 17th-century axe murderess “hatchet molly” who would behead her lovers with the hand tool Lizzy Borden made famous.

Their self-titled debut album was released on Epic Records in 1978 and reached multi-platinum status.

In 2018, the band headed to the Persian Gulf to play a special concert for the United States Military stationed in the United Arab Emirates and then on to Okinawa, Japan to perform for our dedicated troops in the South Pacific. Phil McCormack passed away in 2019. The band continues to tour and record and is currently touring worldwide. They have plans for a new studio album release in 2024 and starting new studio recordings at Abbey Road Studios in London, England in 2023.

Molly Hatchet’s tradition and legacy keep developing the common bond of southern rockers. Rest assured, Molly Hatchet is a band, that after 40 years, is always workin’ hard, playin’ tough, livin’ fast, and still Flirtin’ with Disaster!