Ready to enjoy a romantic getaway at one of the best resorts in Wisconsin for couples? Then it’s time to check out the Heartwood Resort! The Heartwood Resort offers romantic natural beauty, on-site dining (Thurs/Fri & Sat nights), thrilling activities, and more for couples wanting an unforgettable time in Wisconsin.

It doesn’t get much more idyllic than this rustic lodge set against 700 acres of a charming forest. It may be one of the premier resorts in Wisconsin for couples, but it often feels more like something from a fairy tale! With such an enchanting spot, it’s no wonder people are clamoring to have their weddings at Heartwood Resort!

If you’re ready for a dreamy Wisconsin vacation, explore the Heartwood Resort. You may find yourself extending a romantic weekend to as long of a stay as you can get!

Perfect for Couples to Relax

Heartwood Resort provides the perfect opportunity to take a step back and enjoy being with your loved one. With beautiful lodges, fire pits, and even a restaurant and bar on-site (open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays), you’ll feel all the stress fall away the moment you step onto the property.

One of the most thoughtfully designed resorts in Wisconsin for couples, Heartwood Resort, is a couple’s retreat with romance in mind. When you spend your romantic weekend sequestered together in your charming lodge after a long day of activities, you’ll never feel so relaxed as you will be here.

Make Memories Together

In the routine of day-to-day life, it seems like the time couples spend together blurs. But creating stand-out memories together will strengthen your relationship. No matter how strong a relationship, making memories is perfect for couples to ensure that their bond continues to grow!

Heartwood Resort is one of the finest resorts in Wisconsin for couples that are open all year round and provide exciting activities, no matter the season. Now available to the public for vacations and conferences, experience one of the 52 rooms in the lodge, cabins, and homes to rent in this historic treasure.

Stroll through our 700 acres of Northwood forest, explore our private lakes and sandy beaches with your special someone. At Heartwood Resort, couples can focus on what they love most: each other.

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

Heartwood Resort was once a private resort for only a select few. And it’s no wonder. Where the cozy feel of rustic lodges meets natural beauty, you get paradise. But now, it’s an intimate place for a romantic weekend where you can relish the natural beauty of Wisconsin.

It’s a fact that with all the health benefits of spending time in nature, you will feel more relaxed and at ease at Heartwood Resort. And with all the hiking trails, forests, lakes, and natural beauty available, you will be fully immersed in the relaxation only nature provides.

And when you are so relaxed, you can have the most romantic getaway that most couples only imagine.

Whether you come for a romantic getaway in July or January, know that you are in for an exciting adventure!

If you come in the summer, spring, or fall, look forward to:

  • Hiking trails. Ready to sneak off into the woods with the person you love?
    Then we have plenty of biking and hiking trails that are perfect for couples. We have over 20 km of ski trails that are perfect for exploration in the warmer months. Time it right, and you will love a stroll through the natural beauty of the forest’s romantic fall colors!
  • Water sports, including canoeing, kayaking, rowboats, and tubing. With our private lakes and trips to the Namekagon river, you and your partner can have fun in the sun while cooling off!
  • Golf. Heartwood Resort features three nearby golf courses for you to enjoy. So don’t forget your clubs if you have an eye on the golf courses.
    And if you visit us in the winter, you’ll love:
  • Beautiful, snowy views. If you’re dreaming of the natural beauty of a winter wonderland to serve as your romantic getaway backdrop, you can’t imagine a better spot. Spend an evening around the fire pit, cuddled up close to your special someone while enjoying the majesty of the Northwood forest in wintertime. A perfect spot for couples!
  • Skiing. With over 20 km of ski trails and free equipment rentals, you don’t even need to leave Heartwood Resort for scenic skiing. That makes for the most leisurely, most relaxed day of skiing you’ve ever had!

Unforgettable Dining Options

If you want resorts in Wisconsin for couples that make a romantic stay as easy as possible, look no further than Heartwood. Our on-site dining options make planning a romantic evening incredibly simple. When you stay at the Heartwood Resort, you are steps away from Pine Lodge.

This restaurant with a full bar offers an intimate dining experience that’s perfect for couples. A short stroll from your lodge, and you’ll find yourself in this classic restaurant. The menu features a variety of delicious dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh cod, steak, or craft pizza, you’ll love your skillfully prepared meal.

Conclusion — Stay at One of the Best Resorts in Wisconsin for Couples

At Heartwood Resort, love is always in the air. This historic gem surrounded by natural beauty is one of Wisconsin’s most charming and unique resorts for couples. If you’re looking for a romantic spot, we have everything you need. Thanks to this special resort, you will never feel so relaxed, and in love with the person you adore.

Anyone who wants a memorable and romantic vacation can’t go wrong with Heartwood Resort. Take advantage of our on-site restaurant, thrilling outdoor adventures, and fabulous amenities as you fall in love all over again with your special someone.

Book today and plan your next romantic getaway!