Wisconsin is a snowmobiler’s paradise. When the snow falls, Wisconsin’s woods and trails are the places you want to be.

With millions of acres of forest land and 25,000 miles of snowmobile trails, the Badger State is the snowmobile capital of the world.

Whether you are a dairyland local or are looking for an out-of-state destination, a snowmobiling adventure to Northern Wisconsin should be on the top of your list this season.

So what does it take to plan an epic winter vacation, snowmobiling in Wisconsin?

First, you need to decide which region of the state you want to visit. Decide which trail systems are best for your style of riding. Then, find a place like Heartwood Resort, centrally located in snowmobile territory, to call home for a few days while you explore.

Keep reading below for advice on planning the perfect winter adventure in the snowmobile capital.

Northern Wisconsin Is Ideal for Snowmobile Trips

Wisconsin is the birthplace of modern snowmobiling. The state receives an average of 46 inches of snow every year, making it the state with the 10th highest snowfall. And towns like Hurley, WI, on the northern border of the state, receive much more, getting close to 200 inches per year.

And since the state spends so much time under a blanket of snow each year, building and maintaining snowmobile trails is a huge priority for the state. With more than 25,000 miles of dedicated snowmobile trails, Wisconsin makes up 10% of the total trail miles in the US.

With more trail miles than any other state, Wisconsin is the perfect place for a winter trip. Infrastructure is built up around snowmobile travel.

Heartwood Resort – Your Snowmobile Starting Point

Only minutes away from Heartwood Resort is the Wild Rivers State Trail. This 104-mile highway-grade gravel and railroad ballast trail travels north from Rice and follows the Highway 53 route. It passes through Solon Springs, Gordon, Minong, Trego, Spooner, Haugen, and Rice Lake.  Enjoy river crossings, lush woodlands, and ample opportunity to spot wildlife as you fly on these trails.

You might want to check out the abundant trails throughout Burnett Country.  Easily accessible from your headquarters at Heartwood Resort are over 300 miles of trails winding through both woodlands and open areas. This trail system connects to all the other surrounding counties.

Heartwood Resort makes it easy for travelers to park their snowmobiles right outside their cabin and get to and from the local trail systems.

Trail systems are well funded and maintained by local governments, local snowmobile clubs, and volunteers. Along many long, popular trails, you’ll find snowmobile-friendly pit stops: places to park, eat, rest, or explore on foot.

The trails across Wisconsin are intentionally routed and designed for maximum enjoyment and rider safety. They also have built-in compliance with environmental regulations to ensure snowmobiling supports conservation efforts.

Know Before You Go

Wisconsin natives and visitors will need to register their snowmobiles in their home states. In order to use the trail systems in Wisconsin, you’ll also need to purchase a trail permit.

For locals, the cost is between $10 and $30 for the year. For non-residents, the cost is $50 for an annual permit.

Riders need to be at least 12 years of age in order to operate a snowmobile in Wisconsin. They will need to have completed a safety certification course and carry their certificate at all times. Those younger than 12 need to have an adult over the age of 18 on board the vehicle with them.

Before venturing out for a ride, always check the weather. Riding while the snow is falling can be relaxing, but you don’t want to get caught in a storm.

And always check the trail condition before heading out. You want to ensure your trails are properly groomed before getting too far down.

Stay at Heartwood Resort When Snowmobiling in Wisconsin

Where you stay during your snowmobiling trip will make or break your experience. But by staying at Heartwood Resort in Trego, Wisconsin, you’ll enjoy the perfect accommodations situated right next to the best trails in the state.

Our lakeside cottages and duplex cabins are perfect for traveling snowmobilers. You can park your snowmobile outside. Or you can travel light and rent one locally.

And when you need to give your engine a break for a few hours, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy winter at Heartwood Resort.

You can walk out of your lakeside cottage directly onto Hoinville Lake for some relaxing ice fishing. Fishing on Hoinville Lake is catch-and-release only. But if you’re looking for some dinner, there are plenty of nearby lakes. They are full of yellow perch, bluegill, walleye, pike, and other tasty winter treats. And the 700 acres of land at Heartwood Resort is full of trails designed for snowshoers and cross country skiers. When it’s time to call it a day, light up a bonfire outside the lodge and watch the sunset over the Northwoods before stopping into Pine Lodge for a hot meal.

A Winter Vacation to Remember

If you love to snowmobile, then a trip to Northern Wisconsin is a must. Thousands of miles of world-class trails are waiting for you to explore. Make the trip with your family or your riding buddies to provide you with memories for a lifetime. Take a trip snowmobiling in Wisconsin this season by booking a stay at Heartwood Resort, to give yourself easy access to some of the best trails in the whole state.