It’s a bold claim, but Trego is one of the best places to cross country ski in Wisconsin. Here you will find hundreds of kilometers of skate groomed trail systems for classic and skate skiing.

Many smart vacationers make the Heartwood Resort their home base for their trips. When you stay here, you can spend all day at the famous American Birkebeiner. Then, spend another two days skiing on one of the beautiful trails that are less than an hour away from your room. And when you have downtime, you and your family can enjoy the fun winter activities that our resort offers.

Not sure how to start planning your trip? Know that Heartwood’s 700 acres of Northwoods forest is the perfect place to stay as you escape on your dream Wisconsin vacation. Start booking your trip with us today.

And, be sure to check out this list of the best places to cross country ski in Trego. We’ve done the hard research so that you can spend more time relaxing in your suite or outdoors exploring the magical forests of Wisconsin.

Best Places to Cross Country Ski in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin state parks in Trego offer various trail systems with skate-groomed trails for classic and skate skiing. Finding cross-country skiing trails couldn’t be easier in Trego, Wisconsin, with its abundant beautiful forests. Check out a few of the best places to cross country ski in Wisconsin:

American Birkebeiner

The American Birkebeiner is home to a trail system of over 100 kilometers loved by skiers, hikers, and trekkers. Spend a day discovering a portion of the Berkie trail in the most famous Wisconsin state park. The largest cross-country skiing trail offers an array of events, including its signature Nordic race.

The Birkie Trail is groomed exclusively for classic and skate-style skiing during the on-season. Multiple trailheads offer shorter segments and several loop routes. Advanced skiers can take advantage of the range to put their heads down and travel unbothered for miles.

Realize that this area offers more than just different skate styles — the Birkie Trail has something for everyone on the trip. Consider arranging your trip to coincide with one of their annual events to attend as either an athlete or a spectator.

Nordic Woods

The Nordic Woods trail is a multiple loop trail system of 15 kilometers between Spooner and Stone Lake. The stacked loop system makes the Nordic Woods best for intermediates, with one short loop designed for beginners.

Skiing is free on these Washburn County Forest lands, but donations help keep the trails looking beautiful. Surrounding the trails is a forest of Northern hardwoods and mixed conifers that offer a taste of the remote wilderness. You can even catch a glimpse of the scenic lake views from one of several small lakes in the area.


The Mukwonago trail in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest goes through a thicket of oak and white pine trees. You can see several small lakes and ponds while exploring any of the four loops of varying lengths. The shortest loop is about 1.4 miles, and the longest is roughly 8.5 miles.

The trail’s width is typically about 12 feet, with the classical skiing tracks set to one side of the path. The terrain alternates from rolling to hilly, creating enough variety for beginners and intermediate athletes.

Timberland Hills

Timberland Hills is less than 10 miles northwest of Cumberland in Burnett County. This trail system offers 18.6 miles and is appropriate for any skill level. The trails are machine groomed to be approximately 16-18 feet wide, with classic tracks in one area and an adjacent skating lane.

The northeastern section of the trail has an elevation of 1,200 feet. During your trek, you will get to see beautiful natural springs and the Clam River.

Snowshoeing is also allowed on the alternate trail of the park as long as you are careful of the two-way skiing lanes. Take care as there are no patrols available.

Timberland West is 1 1/12 miles south of the Timberland Hills location but offers about 1.6 miles of a lightened ski trail. This beginner trail travels through 500 acres of the Barron County forest on terrain that gently rolls without any large hills. This trail is also machine groomed, creating a 30-foot width for classic tracks and a skating lane down the perimeter’s center.

Additional Winter Activities

We’ve gone over the best places to cross country ski in Wisconsin. However, you may wonder what other activities are available.

Heartwood Resort offers a variety of family-friendly winter activities alongside its lodging on 700 private acres of land. The trails in the resort are perfect for beginners and advanced athletes alike. The evergreens surrounding the paths offer a whimsical view while you enjoy some of the activities below:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Nordic Walking
  • Sledding & snow tubing
  • Ice fishing
  • Broomball
  • Snowmobiling

Don’t forget to make use of the free equipment rentals offered on any day of your stay. These activities will keep you enjoying the fresh winter Wisconsin air as you spend a few days skiing near the resort, one day on the Berkie Trail, and many more at Heartwood Resort.

Stay at the Heartwood Resort and Explore Trego

Don’t be afraid to explore any of the cross-country skiing trails of Northern Wisconsin in the surrounding area from the home base of your winter vacation at Heartwood Resort. You will experience a new level of relaxation surrounded by nature and quality accommodations.

Visiting the Berkie trail and other Wisconsin state parks will give you a great idea of what Trego, Wisconsin, offers as the best places to cross country ski in Wisconsin. The American Birkebeiner is the most famous on the list, but all the trails in Wisconsin have something unique to offer.

Trego is the perfect location for your stay, whether you are planning some much-needed family time or a couple’s getaway. Heartwood is beautifully nestled on 700 acres of private land in the pristine Northwoods forest. Why wait? Start planning your escape for a dream Wisconsin vacation now.