Summer weddings get all the credit. But let’s be honest, not everyone wants to sit outside, sweating and swatting mosquitoes while you recite your vows.

While summer and fall are popular times to get married, a winter wedding should be seriously considered. When you plan your wedding in the cooler months, you’ll face much lower competition when it comes to wedding venues.

And not only that, but a destination wedding in the winter can provide a cozy, picturesque experience that you and your guests are going to remember forever. Imagine saying “I do” as snowflakes gently fall just outside the window.

If you are considering having a winter wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind as you make your plans. Keep reading to learn why winter might be the perfect time to get married, how to plan a winter wedding successfully, and how to select the perfect winter wedding venue.

Why Plan a Winter Wedding?

Summer weddings are overdone. Everyone wants to get married on a beautiful, sunny day. The problem with planning a summer wedding is that venues often book up a year or two in advance on summer weekends.

This can make it very difficult to lock in your dream wedding location. On top of that, many of your friends and family will be attending other weddings throughout the summer. It’s not uncommon for people to decline a wedding invitation simply because they already have another on the calendar.

But when you plan a winter wedding, you have a lot more flexibility. Far fewer weddings are taken place during this time. This means you get to select the date you want, as well as the venue of your dreams. And you get to benefit from off-season pricing for a venue, vendors, and travel if you are planning a destination wedding.

Since friends and family likely don’t have many events to attend during the winter, there’s a good chance most, if not all, of your guests will attend.

And when it comes to a winter wedding in Wisconsin, your ceremony and reception will take place inside. This means that you, your guests, and your vendors will all be comfortable. Outdoor weddings can be very stressful and uncomfortable due to heat, cold, humidity, and rain.

How to Plan a Winter Wedding in Wisconsin

Need some ideas for a winter wedding? While much of the planning process is the same, there are a few key things to consider.

Choose the Right Date

The first important piece of advice about a winter wedding is choosing the perfect weekend.

Many people choose a winter wedding in hopes of getting the perfect wedding photos. To have a picture of your first kiss, standing under the gentle snowfall, is worth it all.

But to ensure adequate snowfall, you’ll want to plan your wedding in mid-winter for the best results. Snowfall in Wisconsin peaks in December and January, with February and March providing plenty as well.

Consider holidays, too. While December can be beautiful, most people’s schedules are packed full of family parties and events in December. If you are looking for a February wedding, avoid the weekend before and after Valentine’s Day, as many people will have plans on these weekends.

Time Your Photographs

In the spring and summer, many couples will have outdoor photos taken after the ceremony. However, in the winter, the sun sets much earlier. To have adequate light for your photos, it may be best to take photos before the ceremony.

Selecting a Winter Theme

Winter wedding decor can be many different things. For a December or early January wedding, Christmas decorations can be perfect. Plus, they may already be displayed at your wedding venue of choice.

Otherwise, opting for an all-white, winter wonderland theme or a cozy, rustic cabin ambiance is a great idea. Regardless of what theme you choose, the best winter wedding ideas will involve lots of candles and preferably a big fireplace.

Choose One Location for the Ceremony and Reception

The weather outside may be beautiful to look at, but it isn’t a joy to drive in. Winter in Wisconsin means one thing; slippery roads.

Aside from allowing extra travel time for guests and vendors, it would be best if you also planned to host your entire wedding in one location. Keeping the ceremony and reception under one roof will make it much easier for everyone, including you.

No one will have to find their coats, change into boots, and scrape their windshields right in the middle of your special day. This means more fun and less stress for all.

Plan Your Wedding at Heartwood Resort

Are you looking for the perfect winter wedding venue in Northern Wisconsin? Heartwood Resort is an award-winning, destination wedding venue located just two hours from the Twin Cities. Surrounded by the Northwoods and private lakes, Heartwood Resort is even more beautiful under a blanket of snow.

When you host your wedding with us, your ceremony, reception, and lodging can all take place in one location. Your indoor winter wedding will take place in the Eagle Lounge, with stunning views of the lake.

After the first kiss as a newly married couple, the on-site kitchen staff will craft a delicious, memorable meal for your guests. And your single facility fee will also cover the bartender, chairs, linens, and everything else you need for a magical day.

Heartwood Lodge offers many different accommodations right here on our property for guests who wish to stay overnight. Guests can choose to stay at one of our 52 comfortable lodge hotel rooms. Or, for those who need a little more space, such as families, we have unique duplex cabins, private homes, and lakeside cottages as well.

Whether a guest is just coming for a single night or your extended family is looking to spend a fun winter weekend with us, Heartwood Resort is the perfect option for all types of travelers and guests.

Plan the Perfect Winter Wedding

Are you ready to plan a winter wedding and make your winter wonderland dreams come true? There’s no reason to wait!

You can send us information about your wedding today, and we will send you a custom proposal right away. We can’t wait to work with you to craft the perfect wedding day for you and all of your guests to remember forever.